Here are just a small selection of testimonials who have consulted MollyHerbs for herbal treatments.

‘Molly is a healer. She helped me during a period of time in my health when I was confused and vulnerable. Molly opened up space to listen to my concerns and queries, and intently payed attention. She wisely made connections to symptoms I had been displaying for years unknowingly and diagnosed me with Candida Albicans, a fungus that grows as yeast on your gut. She broke down what was happening on a scientific level in a language I could understand and explained how various herbal remedies and a change in my diet would dramatically improve my health and wellbeing. And it did, and continues to. 

I am more connected to my body and how I am feeling now, and have learnt what herbal properties best treat certain symptoms with Molly’s informed guidance. I continue to seek Molly’s advice as I learn more and explore my health on a deeper level. Molly works from a place of deep integrity and respect for you and where you are in each moment. She is compassionate, non-judgemental and incredibly trustworthy. Molly is the only person I turn to for all my health questions. I couldn’t recommend this lady any more. She is sensational.’ Female, 31

Thanks very much for all you’ve done re helping to keep me off HRT!’  Female, 47.

I went to see Molly with frequent headaches which were debilitating. I am happy to say that this is no longer a problem. She has also helped me with SAD symptoms and dietary advice, for which I am very thankful’. Male, 25

Molly has been helping me for the last two years with breast cancer management, dietary and supplement advice. She is passionate about what she does and has been extremely useful in her advice and approach so far’. Female, 57

I have been seeing Molly for the last two years helping me with enlarged prostate and now a recent diagnosis of hyperthyroidism involving atrial fibrillation. I am happy to say that we are managing it all through diet, supplement and herbs, which is fantastic. Thank you!Male, 64

Thank you for your help with everything and for all my lovely potions’. Female, 48

‘Our son has unfortunately inherited his dad’s asthma and was in hospital with bronchiolitis at 4 months and about 10 times since. He is now two and still has airway complaints. As parents we were committed to trying whatever we could to manage and improve his health. We were loath to give steroids and really disliked the strong medication (Adrenaline, Salbutamol) he was blasted with in A&E and we thought there must be a better way. We decided to give herbs a go and discovered Molly. It’s fair to say we were committed to trying a different approach but weren’t expecting such a significant improvement. The pattern was that he would get a cold and this would trigger bronchiolitis / asthma and we would spend a night or two in hospital via A&E and even Ambulance on a number of occasions. Molly adopted a wonderfully pragmatic approach; one aspect of this was to give him Echinacea as part of a herbal cocktail. I just love the logic behind this… he picks up a cold this descends into asthma and a scary time for all. Echinacea is a natural immune booster and reduces the likelihood of getting a cold -hey presto- he enjoyed 4+ months of great health and that was over winter too. When he next arrived in the emergency room we realised we had neglected to give him his herbs. We spoke to Molly who was a great support and we started again. I wholeheartedly recommend Molly. My ultimate recommendation of Molly is that when we recently moved from London we got in touch to arrange an appointment (planning to travel from Bristol) she thought it would be best for him to have a local Herbalist and recommended a highly regarded local. I can’t thank Molly enough; she provides a wonderful service which is remarkably inexpensive -I mean we’re talking about health here- and that is priceless’. Loving Dad James